Information om SEAFLEX AB, ett företag i Umeå, Västerbottens län, Sverige. Telefon: 090-16 06 50.


The Seaflex Elastic Rode is a 40 year old Swedish product of single or multiple rubber cords which will elongate and retract with water depth changes and varying wind/wave loads.

Safety First. The SEAFLEX unique construction as a progressive  Seaflex is an elastic mooring solution for pontoons, wave attenuators and buoys that is unrivaled in its ability to keep any floating application stable and secure  Seaflex, which specialises in riser technology for offshore oil and gas production, had some 20 employees and a turnover of roughly MNOK 23 last year. The  Seaflex. Seaflex develops a highly technological, engineered elastic mooring system that is custom made to suit the specific needs for each installation. The  Unique Group's Seaflex provides Air Lift Bags and Inflatable Buoyancy Units for recovery of underwater objects, provide underwater pipeline buoyancy, cable  A universal joint closure for submarine optical fibre cables. Made of highly corrosion resistant material and compatible with most cable designs. 14 Nov 2019 FRESHER project will reduce cost of floating photovoltaic plants.

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Seaflex works invisible in silence day after day, year after year. It replaces the need for view obstructing piles that also show visible sea growth at low tide. Since Seaflex is not visible from the surface it allows for the creation of the most modern, sleek, state of the art marinas in the world. SEAFLEX AB in Umeå is one of the players in the Swedish boating equipment market.

SEAFLEX buoy sales very low in spite of a well-established brand and high quality level, and logical property protection, such as patent and trademark. For that reason SEAFLEX needs to investigate SEAFLEX buoy’s business potential in order to increase the sales and explode their business in …

These rodes are primarily used to keep a constant tension between floating docks and bottom anchors in order to prevent lateral movement of floating docks and to absorb shock loading SEAFLEX is an environmentally friendly mooring solution that always stays off the sensitive seabed, making it suitable for areas with protected coral or eel grass. A piled system does not have the dampening characteristics that SEAFLEX provides, making our system suitable for floating investments even in hurricane prone areas that sees high wind forces and storm surge. The Seaflex elastic mooring system is for many applications including marinas, wave attenuators, navigational buoys, residential pontoons/docks, floating helicopter platforms, seaplane terminals, floating fish farms, floating solar energy parks, floating houses, wave energy converters, and many more.


Designing and delivering the mooring system for the wave power system. Objective to develop a mooring system that lasts for 25 years without service.

$120.00. Add To Cart. Seaflex Ltd. is a leading provider of marine buoyancy products and water filled test weights. Seaflex’s product range includes, subsea air lift bags, inflatable buoyancy units, WaterLoad test weights, cable and pipeline buoyancy, lifeboat testing ballast bags, yacht fenders and yacht racing buoys. SEAFLEX is an environmentally friendly elastic mooring system that secures pontoons and buoys in every ocean on the planet.

Avståndet mellan  SEAFLEX is an elastic and environmentally friendly mooring solution for any floating application such as docks/pontoons, floating wave attenuators and buoys. It is unrivaled in its ability to keep it stable and secure even in locations exposed to extreme weather conditions. SeaFlex® is used to manufacture SMO’s, wrist splints, protective helmets, neck braces, and body jackets. SeaFlex® is a very stable, forgiving material when being moulded, and exhibits no shrinkage after it has been moulded. Unique Group's Seaflex provides products for two major areas: Air Lift Bags (ALBs) and Inflatable Buoyancy Units (IBUs). Open-bottom underwater ALBs are designed for supporting and lifting loads from any depth. Seaflex manufactures inflatable buoyancy products which harness the physical properties of air.
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Det består av en gummikabel som förlänger sig med vattenvariationerna och används  I en upphandling av flytbryggor med accessbroar till en småbåtshamn efterfrågades bommar av typ Örsta och förankringssystem enligt Seaflex  Exposcenen. Tisdag 10.30. Rubrik: Intelligens under ytan. Talare: Peder Persson, Sales Executive Seaflex Innehåll: Hållbart tänkande gällande  SEAFLEX är en elastisk och miljövänlig förtöjningslösning för alla flytande applikationer som dockor, pontoner, flytande vågdämpare och bojar.

Seaflex lifting bags are immensely versatile, and ideal for safely supporting and lifting loads at or from any depth. The single point attachment is ideal for lightening underwater static structures such as pipes and templates, or for salvaging vessels from the seabed to the surface. NavigationsTeknik AB erbjuder förankring och förtöjningsprodukter.
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SEAFLEX. Specially formulated for increased flexibility in older cats. ArthriSea. Build and maintain the structural framework of joints. Frondanol. $120.00. Add To Cart.

Systemet tillverkas och marknadsförs över hela världen av Seaflex AB i Umeå. Seaflex™ är en universell skarvbox konstruerad för fiberskarvning av sjökabel.

Utvecklingen i det här projektet riktar sig direkt mot flytande solceller och är därför mycket viktig för oss, säger Lars Brandt, VD på Seaflex.

Seaflex klarar det mesta. Sjökabeln är tillverkad i rostfritt stål och är kraftig och klarar därför de flesta konstruktioner som är ämnade för kablar av  Letar du efter Seaflex? Det är en kabel som är tillverkad i rostfritt stål och har en korrosionsbeständig konstruktion. Den kan anpassas till  Sealflex Hybrid 522 används som universal konstruktionsfogmassa i bygg, industri och marint såväl ute som inne. Den rekommenderas särskilt till expans.

Seaflex AB har 10 anställda och gjorde ett resultat på 304 KSEK med omsättning 20 245 KSEK under 2020. Bolaget hade då en omsättningstillväxt på -3,9 %.